Six Tips for a Fresh Start

We don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions – but we do believe in welcoming a new year with fresh challenges and opportunities.

A new year is rife with new opportunities. And so, it’s always a great idea to start the new year with fresh inspiration and an open mind.




The beginning of a new year presents a great opportunity to clean up and organise your space, and along with it, your state of mind. While messy surroundings may increase your levels of stress, a neat and tidy one will help to bring you peace and calm. So, as you clear away the dust and stresses of the year gone, pamper your space by giving it a deep clean. Open up the windows and let in some cold, invigorating fresh air, while taking a moment to reflect on the things that bring you joy and make you feel authentically you – and depart with the things that do not.

This ritual is sure to provide you with an undeniable sense of accomplishment, setting the tone for a new year with room for growth in a home that feels comfortably and uniquely you.



Consider starting out the new year by making a commitment to truly and fully immersing yourself in a new subject or hobby. Why not become an expert in a field that you’ve always been fascinated by? By diving into new projects, it will help you to minimise your screen and scroll time, and instead allow you to immerse yourself in tasks that both challenge and fulfil you. Not only will it reward you with a profound sense of achievement, but you’ll have new and interesting insights to share with those around you. So, skip the small talk and take the time to have sincere conversations with the most important people in your life – perhaps you’ll find that one of them have also recently taken on a new and immersive hobby.



Put on your walking shoes and venture out into the great outdoors. After a year where we’ve been confined to our homes more than ever before, it’s time to get out into nature and feel the stinging wind and perhaps even the gentle rays of a winter sun – just make sure you layer up for warmth. Whether you make the trip in cherished company or precious solitude, you will surely gain some perspective as you discover how even the smallest of things, such as a sprouting bud or freshly fallen snow, can invigorate your inner self and relieve stress. Follow unknown paths or ancient trails, or if you’re an urban dweller, explore a luscious park, and rediscover the childhood joys of being surrounded by the wild and wonderful outdoors.



In a world so focused on productivity, our sleep is often the last thing on our priority list. We all know we the benefits of a good, solid night’s sleep, but somehow, we manage to habitually neglect it. Get a handle on your sleeping patterns once and for all and discover the magic of being consistently well-rested. Begin the journey by making sure that your bedroom is a tranquil and comfortable space, filled with soft and neutral textiles that invite rest and relaxation – and nothing else. Be consistent with your bedtime and relegate technology to the other rooms of your home, replacing the nightly pre-sleep scroll for an absorbing novel or a relaxing meditation.



Have you been aiming to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle? Make this a year of careful consumption through a combination of recycling, renewing and thoughtful, deliberate purchases. Rather than disposing of seemingly damaged items, begin this year by taking the time to mend and repair wherever possible, and make sure to sell or donate the things that you no longer love to people who will appreciate them and give them new life. When you do shop something new, try to make thoughtful, considered choices, and reflect on purchasing aesthetically timeless pieces made from sustainable, long-lasting materials that will persist through many seasons and cycles of your life.



Make sure to carve out time in the new year to just breathe and exist. Start this journey by continuously aligning your expectations and being realistic and kind to yourself. Give yourself room to fall short every once in a while, including at all of the above. Remember that no one is perfect, and that this world would be incurably dull if they were.