Give your home new life with contemporary rugs

A rug can help define a space and create a sense of connection between the furniture and interior. Through different colours, patterns and shapes, the right rug can give your home new life and complete your interior design to match your unique style. If you want to create tranquillity and balance near your sofa in the living room, or if you want to give the bedroom a little more edge with exceptional colour blocking, then a contemporary rug from ferm LIVING is the right choice.
Our rugs are available in multiple sizes, beautiful colours, contemporary designs and quality materials such as durable cotton, sustainable recycled polyester, stain-resistant wool and hand-woven kilim - each with their own functional benefits. Explore our many beautiful rugs on our website, where you can be sure to find something that suits your particular taste.

ferm LIVING rugs for every room in the home

Rugs are suitable for every room in your home. Whether you’re decorating the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kids’ room, a contemporary rug from ferm LIVING can work as a soft surface to walk on, provide comfortable warmth for cold floors, improve acoustics or create a cosy, personalised style. Often, a contemporary rug can serve as the finishing touch to your home. In particular, you can use them to create a whole, as they are perfect for unifying furniture groupings in larger spaces. For example, use a rug under the dining table in the kitchen, to tie in sofas in the living room, or put one under an armchair and lamp to create a cosy reading nook. Rugs can also be stacked decoratively to create a more personalised look, or you can hang a rug on the wall instead of a painting or other wall art.
At ferm LIVING you can find rugs in a multitude of beautiful design options that can be effortlessly combined and styled in many different ways depending on your mood and style of décor. We also offer monochrome rugs that create a classic and contemporary look, which can pull together the different styles in the room. If you want to add a little colour to your décor, we also have more vibrant rugs with gorgeous geometric patterns. You have ample opportunity to create a cosy, stylish home with our sophisticated designs.

Hand-woven kilim rugs with graphic designs and exceptional colour blocking

Our kilim rugs are handmade, so the weave can vary from rug to rug. The conventional weaving technique is called ‘Punja’ weaving, and the wool yarns used to weave the carpets are hand-dyed. This means that there may be variation in colour tones due to the nature of the wool and dyes. Crafted in contemporary, graphic designs and exceptional colour blocking, each rug boasts a unique and personalised look. Use the rug in any room in the home, where you can place it under furniture groupings, put it out as a runner or hang it on the wall for decoration.

Nomad Rug – rugs made with sustainable recycled polyester

Our Nomad Rug collection is made from sustainable, recycled polyester for an environmentally-friendly alternative to a new polyester or cotton rug. The polyester is extremely durable and can withstand damp environments. This means the rugs are suitable for the kitchen floor or under young children’s seats at the dining table. Nomad Rugs can also be used outdoors on your patio to create a pleasant atmosphere**.

Melange Rug – cotton rugs that are perfect for the bathroom

At ferm LIVING we do not compromise on quality, and that also applies to our Melange Rug collection. The luxurious cotton rugs have a marl design with sharp graphic details that come in a range of gorgeous colours - perfect for creating life and cosiness in the bathroom. The high-quality cotton makes the Melange Rug feel like luxury for your feet on a chilly bathroom floor.
Desert Tufted Rug – tufted rugs with sophisticated dimensions

Inspired by the undulating sand dunes of a desert, these rugs are tufted, which makes it feel like walking on infinite softness. The inspiration is reflected in the organic patterns - made to be slightly thicker, thereby creating a sense of sophisticated dimensions. The tone-on-tone colourways express simplicity and refinement, while the contemporary nuances are a daring statement in themselves. Become inspired by personalised interior design at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, it’s difficult not to be inspired by personalised interior design. Whether you want your rug to stand out and give the room a border, or whether it should fit more neutrally into the décor to create harmony, you will undoubtedly find the perfect rug in our range.
If you want tips on how to create an interior with a cosy atmosphere or you have questions about our extensive range of Danish design, you can always contact us by telephone +45 7022 7523 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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