Design cushions and graphic pillows to brighten up your home. Cushions are an easy and flexible way of bringing new life into your home. By adding a splash of colour or graphic pattern, your sofa will lighten up as if it were brand-new again. Our cushions are not only beautiful but will also make your chair, couch or daybed extra comfortable for you to lean back and enjoy. At ferm LIVING cushions have a special place in our hearts, and we love changing up our home with new patterns, colours and materials

ferm LIVING Cushions

We offer a varied and manifold range of cushions and pillows; with graphic prints, in monochrome and patterns in many shapes and forms all in line with the traditional Scandinavian design and crafts tradition.

Try choosing your sofa cushions in a contrast colour to that of your couch and see how your room and furniture change at once. Sometimes, it can be as simple as going with a bolder pattern or brighter colour than usually.

For many years our graphic prints have found their starting point in geometry, and so our collection of design cushions include many prints in a sharp and edgy style, allowing you to mix up not only the colours of a room, but also shapes and forms. A pillow with a triangle print will add a new dimension to your softer bed or armchair, playing with contrasting shapes and experimenting with colours.

Challenging Style With Texture

We have created and designed cushions for many years, and recently we turned to a whole new field of different materials to make the ferm LIVING design even more interesting. In our new collection, we have produced covers made with traditional weaving kelim, usually used for rugs and carpets, bringing a rougher texture to our KELIM Cushions. They are made on the traditional ‘punja' loom and woven by hand with 80 % wool and 20 % cotton. The yarn has been hand dyed which is why, along with the nature of wool, they differ slightly, making each piece a unique design object.

Our new collection also offers a range of quilted cases made from wool and polyamide, making them soft and stretchy at once. We've knitted an exclusive geometric pattern with a 3D effect into the material for a significant feel of the surface.

Cushions for Everyday Use

We have not made our cushions just to make your room, your sofa or your bed look sharp; we want you to use our cushions every day. Therefore, our cushions are made from high-quality fabric and materials and with a soft, yet firm down filling.

We want to use as honest and natural materials as possible, and our new collection comes with an addition of cushions made of 100 % organic cotton with a graphic print in contrasting colours adding on to our tradition of geometry prints. However, all of our cushions come with a case zipper, making sure that you can easily wash or clean the cushions. We recommend that you only dry clean quilted cushions.

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