Portable lamps

Portable Lamps

Whether you're a person who enjoys a fixed and calm environment or you love to redecorate and revitalise your home spaces, portable lamps are a necessity in your home. Cordless lights are the perfect solution for those who want lighting combined with functionality and portability. Our portable lights come in a wide range of organic shapes and materials and are not limited by a cord.

Here you'll find our take on portable lamps that add character to your home. You'll find both our portable lights with and without handles in a wide range of beautiful colours and earthy shades. Explore our range and find your favourite.

Modern and cordless lamps that you can move around

When your home environment becomes too familiar, it can be tempting to replace some of the mainstay decorative elements in your home with new ones. Do you have an office lamp that no longer contributes to the atmosphere you want your office to have? Do your bedside tables need a revival in the form of a new colourful cordless lamp? Then turn your attention to our portable lamps. Not only do they add an aesthetic touch of elegance and modernity to your room, they also add a touch of individuality and style to your bedroom decor. There are no wires to hide as our portable LED lamps are cordless.

What all our portable lamps have in common is that they are rechargeable. Therefore, a charging cable is included.

Find aesthetic lighting for your home at ferm LIVING

Are you looking for the right lighting to create a cosy atmosphere in your sofa corner, bedroom or dining room? Then you've come to the right place. At ferm LIVING you'll find functional lighting that illuminates your home and adds character to your rooms. Lighting is a very important element in your interior design as the atmosphere in a room is largely defined by the lighting - and you can't talk about lighting without mentioning lamps.

Didn't find a lamp for your desk or coffee table in our range of cordless lights? Then explore our selection of beautiful table lamps, where we have a much larger selection of minimalist, organic lamps in a variety of natural materials.

Do you want to design your very own unique lamp? Then explore our Collect Lighting options where you can customise lights to match your personality.

Let ferm LIVING inspire you

At ferm LIVING, we strive to combine design, quality and functionality in every single product. That's why we offer modern and functional portable lamps for every interior design style.

Do you need inspiration on how to decorate your living room, office or bedroom with our minimalist, cordless lamps? Then you are more than welcome to contact us by phone +45 70 22 75 23 or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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