Unique and fun rugs for the children’s room

A “children’s room” project can be long and arduous. After making many choices, creating cosy nooks and listening to your child’s many whims and fancies, you may finally breathe a sigh of relief in a room filled with aesthetic furniture, lighting and toys ... only to find something is missing. For what is a children’s room without snuggly rugs for cosiness, creative play and the final touches of a homey atmosphere?

At ferm LIVING you will find a large assortment of unique and whimsical rugs for the children’s room. We offer soft rugs that create just the right contrast to the otherwise hard-edged interior of the children’s room. Here you will find fun rugs for cosy moments and creative play on the floor, as well as eye-catching tapestries for wall decoration that exude a distinctive and unique look in your children’s room. Explore our rugs on this page, which blend fun, child-friendly motifs with a tasteful and aesthetic touch.

Rugs for creative expression in the children’s room

Imaginative play doesn’t come out of nowhere; it flourishes in an inspirational environment. Why not take a trip to the icy landscapes of Greenland or to the hot savannah in Africa? Our unique rugs shaped like a polar bear, tiger or leopard offer fertile ground for the imagination to run wild.

Not only do the rugs’ motifs encourage imaginative play and blossoming creativity, their soft and sumptuous materials make playing on the floor comfortable – for both children and adults.

Our rugs with pineapple or strawberry motifs inspire sunny dreams of warmth and summer, and their supple softness is perfect for sneaking in a little nap on the floor.

A neutral, exotic or distinctive look?

If your aesthetic is less adventurous and more neutral, our understated rugs in natural colours with black dots or triangles offer a tasteful solution matching any children’s room. The functional rug can be used both as an ordinary carpet or as protection under an armchair.

If, on the other hand, your children’s room should exude a more exotic look, our rugs in the shape of seashells or colourful fish are an excellent choice. These rugs subtly nudge your child’s thoughts towards fun and games by the water, and are both a creative and stylish way to complete the children’s room. In tandem with our adventurous wallpapers and textiles, our rugs create a playful atmosphere that challenges your child’s imagination while making the children’s room more inviting and homey.

Decorate the walls of the children’s room with rugs

Our children’s room rugs are not only beautiful on the floor, they can also delight your child as decorative hangings on the wall. Create a warm and cosy atmosphere with our tapestries, whose animal motifs draw attention to your children’s room in the best possible way. The supple wall hangings frame the children’s room in soft snugness.

At ferm LIVING, stylish interior design and interiors are paramount, and the children’s room is no exception. Our stylish rugs – with motifs children love – liven up the room and harmonise children’s spaces with the aesthetic and tasteful style of the rest of the house.

If you have questions about our selection of children’s rugs, or just need good advice and ideas for the decor, we would be more than happy to advise you. Contact us via tel. +45 7022 7523 or email webshop@fermliving.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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