Create a magical universe with kids’ wallpaper

With kids’ wallpapers you can create a magical universe for your children. Wallpapers in the kids’ room can add something completely unique, where minimalist shapes, quirky details and calm colours create plenty of room for children’s inspiration to run free. So in addition to being a quick and easy way to spruce up the kids’ room, kids’ wallpaper can spark your child’s imagination and spread joy every day. That’s why it’s important to take the time to find the right wallpaper for your kids’ room. At ferm LIVING you can find a wide selection of beautiful, soothing and entertaining kids’ wallpapers for boys and girls. You can choose from styles such as nature-inspired motifs, stylish wallpaper with graphic patterns or adorable animal motifs. Depending on the wallpaper motif, you can play with room size and perspective to beautifully unify the room, allowing the colours in the children’s furniture to be picked up in the wallpaper. Be inspired by our selection of kids’ wallpapers here.

ferm LIVING kids’ wallpaper for any décor

At ferm LIVING we carry a wide range of enchanting, adorable and classic kids’ wallpapers certain to make a compelling impression on your children and all of their playmates. Within our range you can find kids’ wallpaper for every taste and décor, and you can choose from many different prints, patterns and colours. Whether you’re into classic stripes, subdued graphic patterns or cute animal motifs that stimulate word learning and conversations with the little ones, you can find it all here with us. With ferm LIVING kids’ wallpaper you are guaranteed a unique design with delightful details that create contrasts and give the kids’ room a timeless aesthetic. Fantastic wallpapers allow your child to invent worlds and daydream, which can be very powerful and create a uniquely special atmosphere. Be inspired by our many imaginative wallpapers to create a room with space for play, rest and cosiness.

Get creative when decorating with kids’ wallpaper

If you want to spruce up the kids’ room with whimsical designs, colourful patterns or a graphic print on the wall, it’s a good idea to get creative so you can achieve a décor that your child will love. When choosing wallpaper, the most important thing is to consider whether all the walls will be papered or if you will paper only one or two – depending on your taste and requirements.
You can also combine different kids’ wallpapers to divide the space with separate styles. For example, one end wall could be papered in calm colours with subdued patterns that represent rest and bedtime, while a second end wall could be decorated in more vibrant colours and motifs that signal fun and creative hobbies. When decorating with kids’ wallpaper, you should also take the furniture and décor into account to maintain a consistent style that unifies the room. You can of course also combine the wallpaper with beautiful wall stickers or other wall decorations. Kids’ wallpaper can also be used as decorative covering on shelving or storage boxes to achieve a more personalised look. Use your imagination to create exciting looks with our beautiful wallpapers.

Environmentally-friendly WallSmart wallpaper – the simple solution

Kids’ wallpaper from ferm LIVING is for people who won’t compromise on their décor. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. In contrast to traditional wallpaper, where you must first spend time preparing sections with wallpaper paste and then smoothing out air pockets as the wallpaper often shifts, with the environmentally-friendly WallSmart wallpaper you can quickly and easily apply the ready-mixed wallpaper paste to the wall and hang the dimensionally stable wallpaper sections one by one, directly from the roll. Take care to ensure that the wallpaper seams are closely aligned for a smooth finish – that’s the easy option. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you purchase the necessary number of wallpaper rolls in the same order. As the colours are hand-mixed prior to each printing round, there may be slight variation in colour between rolls from different batches. We make sure that all wallpaper in the same order comes from the same batch. If you need some advice on hanging wallpaper, you may want to see our step-by-step wallpaper hanging guide.

Get inspiration for decorating the kids’ room at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING you can find plenty of exciting inspiration to decorate your kids’ room in our children’s universe. If you want tips on how to decorate your child’s room for a cosy atmosphere, or you have questions about our extensive range of kids’ furniture and décor, you can always contact us by telephone +45 7022 7523 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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