Stylish kitchen utensils for everyday living

Stylish kitchen utensils in quality materials make your everyday culinary artistry more fun, while also bringing elegant interior design to your kitchen. At ferm LIVING, we have a wide range of beautiful kitchen utensils that you won’t want to hide away in a drawer.

The selection includes cutting boards, serving trays, ceramic jugs and kitchen towel holders. All are decorative, either on the kitchen table or displayed in one of our holders or rods for kitchen utensils. Explore our range, and be inspired by these stylish utensils crafted from materials such as wood, brass, marble and ceramics.

Decorate the kitchen with ferm LIVING

Decorating your kitchen is truly an art. Kitchen utensils in stylish shapes and beautiful colours make it easy to spruce up the kitchen and decorate it to match your own personal style. Our range of kitchen utensils comes in a wide array of timeless designs that are both functional and aesthetic.

With a kitchen rod, you can put your beautiful utensils on display while also creating more space on the kitchen table. It is an ideal storage solution for smaller kitchens, where you can hang everything from kitchen textiles such as tea towels and dishcloths to pots and pans. Our kitchen rods are available in both brass and black lacquered metal. They can also be matched with a wall-mounted brass holder for soap at the kitchen sink.

Kitchen utensils for everyday culinary artistry

An emphasis on functionality and aesthetics makes our kitchen utensils the ideal choice for those who love spending quality time on food. With a wooden cutting board, you get a knife-friendly board that also functions as an elegant serving dish for tapas and finger food. All our cutting boards are made of solid woods such as larch and ash, and they are treated with oil to give them a durable finish.

When your everyday culinary artistry is complete, you can serve the food on a wooden serving tray, and our ceramic baskets make a great way to present fresh bread or cutlery. Our wide and functional selection guarantees that every kitchen utensil proves its worth when it comes to home cooking.

Be inspired by our design universe

At ferm LIVING, we have a passion for authentic design that creates a harmonious balance in the home. We deliver a wide range of designs for the kitchen that meet every need while also creating a homey atmosphere. We also have an amazing selection of kitchen lighting to exactly match the atmosphere you want to create.

Our design universe includes beautiful silhouettes, saturated colours and carefully selected materials. Are you looking for inspiration on how to decorate your kitchen? Then keep an eye on our social media, newsletter or get in touch with us by phone or email. Our Customer Service is ready to help and advise you, so you will find the perfect products that match your needs and your personal style. We always strive to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

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