Terrace Living

Extend the parameters of your home this summer season by getting the most out of your outdoor space.


Nothing beats the feeling of those first warming rays of summer sun gently gracing your face after a long, cold and dark winter. As the smell of fresh, green grass mixes with the sweet scent of flowers in bloom, the days become longer and the nights become lighter, the sounds of birds chirping and bees buzzing fills the air and our desire to extend the parameters of our home to our outdoor space is sparked..



Whether you are dreaming of spending light and balmy evenings in the cherished company of loved ones, or long for solitary afternoons where the sun nourishes your soul while relishing in a good book, the terrace presents the ideal setting for creating an outdoor haven that you can enjoy over the spring and summer months. Like an outdoor living room, the terrace can be transformed into a truly special place with space to unwind, unplug and enjoy the moment.

Take full advantage of terrace living this season by creating different sections in your outdoor living room. Uniting form and function, both the Flod Tiles Café and Dining Table are ideal for taking centre stage in the dining section of your terrace – the perfect space for hosting long dinner parties or simply enjoying an al fresco dinner with your closest family members. With frames crafted from galvanized, powder coated steel, they create a pleasant contrast to the warm, natural texture of handmade, Italian ceramic tiles which have been perfectly adapted to both indoor and outdoor living. For comfortable dining, place our new Desert Dining Chairs with their simple, modernist profiles around the table.




A modern take on a beloved classic, these foldable chairs are both elegant and practical, and, like the rest of the Desert series, the textile seat is made from recycled plastic that has been spun into PET yarn, making it especially durable and ideally suitable for outdoor use.


For all-out relaxation, create a lounge section that’s ideal for enjoying slow mornings or long evenings in style and comfort. The modernist, functional Desert Lounge Chairs are available in an array of colours and patterns in both children’s and adult sizes. The lightweight chairs can easily be moved around to create your ideal space – whether to enjoy that first cup of coffee while taking in a peaceful summer morning, or if you are entertaining friends and family and need a relaxing place to enjoy a cold aperitivo. The chairs can easily stand on their own, but also make a unified impression in a group, perhaps set up around the Flod Tiles Coffee Table.






When transforming your terrace into an extra room, bringing out small, cosy elements from inside the house can make a world of a difference. Cosy up the space with soft textiles, warm lighting and thoughtful details.

Placing rugs suitable for outdoor use on the terrace will help to soften up the space, giving it a plush expression. Our series of handwoven Hem Rugs are made from repurposed PET yarn, giving them a soft yet durable finish with a tactile, woollen feel that works as well in your home as it does outdoors.

The Desert Cushion is also ideal for outdoor use and can either be used with the Desert Lounge Chairs for extra comfort or on its own when lounging or sunbathing on the grass. Extremely durable with a texture that recalls virgin wool, these comfortable cushions will add an understated element of cosiness.






Adding greenery to any space has proven to have benefits for both the body and mind. Few things are as gratifying as putting your heart and soul into a project and watching it flourish, and the terrace presents the ideal space for planting and growing colourful flowers, lush green plants or even edible herbs, fruits and vegetables. Turning your terrace into a green space will not only look good but will also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative spring and summer hobby.

Plant your greenery in our Bau Pots to create engaging levels and dimensions on your terrace, or, if your terrace has a railing, get the most out of your space by creating a suspended garden with the Bau Balcony Boxes. Borrowing its expression from the uncluttered lines and industrial surfaces of the Bauhaus architecture, the Bau series will give your terrace a vibrant and classic look, perfect for terrace living.