Decorative bags and baskets for the kids’ room

Once the kids’ room has finally taken shape with small, stylish furniture, the perfect lighting and things that bring a magical play universe to life, only the final touch is missing in the form of functional storage options.

At ferm LIVING, we offer a wide selection of functional bags and baskets that quickly bring order to toys in designs that are both modern and child-friendly. Explore our selection of functional storage boxes, decorative baskets and cute fabric bags with magical motifs that are ideal for any cosy kids’ room.

Make tidying up a breeze with child-friendly storage

Playtime in the kids’ room usually ends in big smiles for both kids and adults, but unfortunately it also leaves the room in a chaotic mess with toys everywhere. That’s why a tidying-up “must-have” is functional storage options that, in addition to organising clutter, are a vital element in a stylish decor with a kid-friendly design.

A tidy, organised room is always a nicer place to spend time – even if you ask the kids themselves. So, integrate storage options in a natural way so that it feels easy and instinctive for your child to tidy up and keep their favourite toys organised when they are not being played with.

For example, style the corners of the room with our decorative baskets featuring fun shapes that fit perfectly into the playful world of kids. The baskets are available in different sizes and can be combined to create a cohesive look in the decor of the room.

Storage that matches a stylish decor

Tidying up should be child-friendly, but there’s no reason to sacrifice a stylish decor. Our leather storage box topped with two rabbit ears is ideal for holding a good handful of toys while bringing a cute, decorative touch to the room’s decor.

Another solution is our sustainable paper boxes. The boxes exude a stylish, minimalist look, so they will match any kids’ room but can also be useful in home offices or in utility rooms that lack storage.

Tidying up for kids

You can also decorate the kids’ room with the playful fabric bags with a safari motif, which with their whimsical and adventurous design turn tidying up into a game. Hang them on door handles or hangers to keep blocks, teddies and other kids’ things organised. The cloth bags can also be used as a cute bag for the family's smallest adventurer.

And if you need storage solutions for all those cute dolls and soft toys, our multifunctional basket is a stylish choice. Purchase the basket top crafted from oak veneer to turn the basket into a small table and thus achieve full functionality.

Create the perfect kids’ universe at ferm LIVING

With our KIDS Collection, ferm LIVING aims to combine stylish and child-friendly lines. A modern decor with an emphasis on cosiness, creativity and joyful playtime that shapes the best environment for your kid’s room while also connecting with the stylish look of the rest of your home. In addition to our functional and decorative bags and baskets, we also have furniture, lamps, rugs and much more for the perfect kids’ room.

If you have questions about our selection of bags and baskets for the kids’ room, or if you need ideas and good advice for your decor, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us on tel. +45 7022 7523 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

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