Moments of Nostalgia

Christmas is more than just a season – it’s a feeling of togetherness.


As the days grow shorter and temperatures fall, your lungs fill with cold, crisp air as you step out into the clear and bright starry night. The soft twinkle of carefully strung fairy lights leads the way through the darkness, guiding us home. The sounds of snow crunching underfoot breaks the soft silence of a world transformed into a winter wonderland, and as our breath forms clouds around us, we know that comforting, crackling fires await to warm our numb cheeks and fingers.




Christmas is more than just a season – it’s a feeling of togetherness. For a moment, we stop thinking about the future and instead escape into a world devoted to nostalgia, myth and legend. Together with our loved ones, we practice carefully preserved traditions and rituals, creating long-lasting memories that we pass down through generations. Small and large hands transform simple household materials into magical creations, creativity unfolding through cutting, folding and gluing while familiar songs play in the background and favourite stories are shared. We gather around the dinner table, thoughtfully set with inherited heirlooms and our favourite tableware, to a feast of grandma’s family recipe – purposefully prepared just once a year. While the diffused light from lit candles dance on the walls and faces of family and friends, little eyes brim with excitement, anxiously awaiting to unwrap the carefully selected gifts tucked safely beneath the Christmas tree. These are small pieces of magic that evoke the spirit of Christmas in each of us.


Wishing you a merry, joyful Christmas. 







Amanda Betz x ferm LIVING

With sharply cut lines and neatly folded pleats, renowned Danish architect and artist Amanda Betz crafts small pieces of artwork in paper intended to create moments of bliss.

Amanda Betz x ferm LIVING includes the elegant Paper Star Sun, Christmas Paper Cones and Christmas Paper Tassels. Evoking both the past and the present and uniting the nostalgia of family-made paper ornaments with the poetic intricacy of their form, each of these delicate pieces of paper art have been carefully hand folded using FSC™-certified paper with a smooth, matte surface. Let them give your home a graceful, seasonal cheer, whether you hang them from your Christmas tree, in the windowsill or from hooks or branches throughout your home.

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Twirl Ornaments

Usher in the holiday season with the subtly seasonal Twirl Ornaments. The delicately twisted glass spheres beautifully reflect light, and are sure to make an elegant and understated impression amongst your holiday décor. Each set of ornaments is accompanied by a length of silky ribbon, so that you can hang the ornaments from your desired height.

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