Children’s rooms with room for play, study and rest

To decorate the perfect room for your child, the first thing you need is the right furniture: furniture which looks good and is functional for everyday play and creative development. With children’s furniture from ferm LIVING, you can create just the right ambience – whether you wish to decorate with simple and contemporary designs in muted colours or with more exciting patterns and colour combinations. A well-designed child’s room can provide a good framework for play, study and rest. That’s why it is important that the décor reflects the child’s interests, creating a haven with space for fun and imaginative play. With our furniture and interior design for children, you can quickly and easily add your own personal touch to your child’s room. Browse our selection of children’s furniture here and find inspiration for your new décor.

ferm LIVING children’s furniture in stylish designs

A good way to create space for study and play in your child’s room is to use furniture that allows your child to develop his or her imagination. At ferm LIVING you’ll find children’s furniture that brings space and air to the room, inspiring and shaping new ideas for playing and also creating a safe environment, so that your child can feel at home. Our range includes clothes racks, desks, chairs, benches and tables in stylish designs and modern colour combinations that will match any boy’s or girl’s room.

A good work table where children can sit and be creative is an important element in your child’s room. This is where your child can paint, play, draw, read, and do much more. With our popular Little Architect furniture collection, you can create space for quiet study and concentration, making it easy for your child to draw, make things with beads, play with plasticine or do whatever activity it is that excites your child and allows his or her imagination to run free.

The Little Architect collection consists of a table, chairs, a bench and a desk in five different muted colours that can be mixed and matched for a personalised look. The children’s furniture is simple and modern in design, so it does not capture too much attention in the room and forms the perfect base for the little ones to express their creativity. It’s a good idea to install a few small shelves or hang drawers on the table edge so that drawing supplies, beads and other crafting items are always kept close at hand.

Decorating your child’s room with personality

In children’s rooms’ décor there is often a focus on comfort and functionality, but it’s also important that you don’t forget the little details that help to create an imaginative atmosphere which encourages play and socialising. At ferm LIVING you will find a wide range of decorative interior designs suitable for children’s rooms. Our range includes soft and comfortable cushions in many different shapes and colours and cute children’s lamps perfect for playtime and for reading bedtime stories.

Just as in any other room of your home, decoration and interior design are essential for creating life and cosiness in your child’s room. We have an amazing selection of exuberant wall decorations with wonderful motifs that any child would love to have in their room and enchanting children’s wallpapers which, depending on design, can signal play and creativity or tranquillity and time to sleep. By creating an interior design that reflects your child’s interests and passions, you are also creating unique décor. At ferm LIVING, you’ll find plenty of great ideas for how to decorate your child’s room with personality to create a wonderful and safe space in your home.

Become inspired to create a personalised children’s universe at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING you can find plenty of exciting inspiration to decorate your child’s room in our children’s universe. Do you have questions about any of our products, do you want more specifications, or anything else? You’re always welcome to contact us. We are here for you whenever you need help, so you can easily contact us via our contact form. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

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