Reflections on the Year Gone By

While we unbox our collection of festive hats and party crackers, we mull over the year that is coming to an end.


Our 2021 has, in many ways, been eventful. And while some uncertainty has influenced the year, a few things remain – the importance of home and the people we hold dear.



2021 was the year where we celebrated our 15th anniversary, and as with all anniversaries, it made us reflect on what we have achieved and what lies ahead. Some events from the passing year will forever hold a special place in our memory. In August, we launched our exclusive collaboration with Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – one of our favourite places in Denmark.

This was also the year where the ferm LIVING community reached a monumental milestone of one million followers on Instagram, which we celebrated in October. Every day, we find ourselves inspired by the many people who welcome our designs into their perfectly imperfect homes and share these moments with us. Building on this inspiration, we are proud to continuously work with responsibility and sustainability in all aspects of our business and increase the number of responsible products with each collection.


And so, as we get ready to jump into 2022 with bubbles and joy, we anticipate that the year will bring us new and exciting adventures. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Happy New Year from Copenhagen