Today, ~20% of our products are made from sustainable or recycled materials. These include organic, GOTS-certified cotton; textiles made entirely from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles turned into PET-yarn; recycled paper pulp; recycled aluminum and FSC-certified wooden furniture and wallpaper. 47% of our textile products are either GOTS, OCS or GRS certified. As an integrated part of the design phase, we will continue to challenge ourselves to work with new and sustainable materials with each new design and each new collection.

Though we always hope that our products will live for many years, and that our customers will choose to pass them on, we still design with disassembly in mind. We strive to make it as straightforward as possible to recycle or re-use each of our product’s parts. That’s why we work with simple, honest materials and many of our designs are made from only one material. As we challenge ourselves to make more sustainable choices early on in the design phase, the percentage of designs made from recyclable and sustainable materials will increase collection by collection.