Plant stands and holders in timeless and elegant designs

At ferm LIVING, we have a wide range of plant stands and plant holders that can bring life to the home and create a botanical atmosphere. The range offers an array of elegant plant stands that elevate the plant, making it a central element in the decor. You will also find plant holders for the wall, which makes the plant an artistic statement.

With plant stands and plant holders from ferm LIVING, you can transform green plants into small works of art around the home. Decorate your home with plants, improve the indoor environment and enjoy the timeless planters in every room of the home.

Decorate the home with plants

Plants add instant life and beauty to any room. This goes for plant stands for the floor, or a plant holder for the wall. It provides the same balanced and aesthetic expression, adding colour and life to the home. Our selection of plant holders offers sculptural and minimalist designs that are high in quality and stylish.

A plant stand lets you create a cosy nook next to the sofa or in the hallway. Likewise, our wall-mounted plant holders can serve as an excellent alternative to art on the wall. It gives a vibrant look – whether you prefer the voluminous monstera, cacti or philodendrons.

Create a greener home with ferm LIVING

Whether you want a greener living room or a greener balcony, our Green Living guarantees that you will find products that match your needs. With a stylish balcony box, you can easily install a refined solution that enhances your balcony with the visual appeal of plants. Likewise, with a plant box you can create an ideal storage solution that also works as a perfect side or coffee table.

Do you love the botanical trend? Then take a look at our unique pots and vases or our accessories and decorations. This way, you can decorate your home to suit your personal interior design style, while achieving exactly the mood you want.

Do you have any questions or would you like some help?

At ferm LIVING, we take pride in creating a range that embraces every interior design style. Need inspiration on how to turn your green plants into small works of art around the home? Or do you have questions about our range and need guidance?

Please contact us if you need help. You can do this by phone, email or by filling out our contact form. Our skilled staff always strives to answer your enquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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