Green Living

Green Living

Plant hangers, plant boxes and pots for plants

The botanical trend has long since arrived on the interior design scene, and the traditional houseplant has truly found its way back into our living rooms. Especially popular are low-maintenance cacti, tropical ferns, gorgeous philodendrons and the broad-leafed monstera. And there are a number of good reasons for this. In addition to enlivening the home and being relatively low-maintenance, many green houseplants clean and purify the air, which means that they help to improve indoor air quality for the benefit of you and your family.

The Green Living series from ferm LIVING offers a range of sculptural and functional plant hangers, plant boxes, vases, and pots for plants. The design is based on geometric shapes and the series is available in multiple stylish colours that are guaranteed to add something extra to any home. Explore the entire Green Living series here and be inspired to create a greener home with voluminous plants in timeless designs.

Decorate your home with stylish plant boxes, plant hangers and pots

At ferm LIVING you will find beautiful designs that can be mixed and styled in many ways, depending on your personal taste and style of décor. If you’re considering incorporating the green trend into your interior design, you may want to check out our stylish plant hangers, pots and plant boxes from our popular Green Living series.

One use for the elegant, timeless plant boxes is to fill them with plants and flowers, but they also make a simple and aesthetic storage solution for keeping track of everything from books and magazines to toys. Plant boxes come in many different colours, and you can place them against the wall like a modern still life or use them as decorative room dividers to create cosy little nooks in larger rooms, or outside on the terrace.

Pots for plants in aesthetic and timeless designs

Our many pots in the Green Living series can stand alone or be combined with one of our plant stands. Fill them with green plants, colourful flowers or use them as functional containers for all your small items on your desktop or in your kitchen. No matter which space in your home you are decorating, the aesthetic and timeless designs will meld easily with your existing interior design. Place the plant pots on the windowsill on their own or create an inviting plant landscape by mixing different plant hangers, wall-mounted plant holders and pots with plant stands.

Get green inspiration for your home at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING you can find exciting inspiration for greenifying your home’s décor. Do you have questions about any of our products, do you want more specifications, or anything else? You’re always welcome to contact us. We are here for you whenever you need help, so you can easily contact us via our contact form. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

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