Our Production


Where: Sweden
Employees: 140
Established in: 1905

The majority of our wallpapers are manufactured at Sweden’s oldest wallpaper factory, a pioneer within the wallpaper industry with more than 100+ years of experience. Using printing methods ranging from the 200 year-old surface print method to more modern technologies like flexographic and gravure print, the factory is committed to sustainable manufacturing.

With a constant strive to make the least possible impact on the environment, the factory has been FSC-certified since 2018. For ferm LIVING wallpapers, they use a smart non-woven paper quality, made of textile and paper fibres as a base. This specific blend makes the wallpaper more durable and easier to hang. The raw materials used for the paper blend is sourced exclusively from northern European sustainable forestry companies with a commitment to replanting trees – for each tree cut down, another is planted. All wallpaper patterns are printed with water-based inks, and with surface treatments that can be safely processed on-site at their own treatment plant. Excess ink is saved and then reused, making sure not one drop goes to waste.

Certifications: FSC, CE marked, Sunda Hus, Swedish Building Products Assessment








If there’s one thing that spruces up a room in an instant, it’s wallpaper. After struggling to find the right wallpaper, the founder of ferm LIVING, Trine Andersen, decided it was time to start designing her own. That was in 2006, and wallpaper has retained a special place in our hearts ever since then. Printed on FSC-certified, non-woven wallpaper with water-based ink, our wallpapers are especially durable and easy to hang.

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