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Path Hammock


WHERE: Chennai, India



Our production of the responsibly made Path Hammock lies in the Tamil Nadu area of India in a town called Chennai. Established in 1990 and employing around 75 people, the factory specialises in delivering high-quality weaved hammocks, textile hammocks and swings. Taking their social responsibility very seriously, the factory has several CSR initiatives. Ensuring a seamless transfer for the women to and from work, the factory has arranged shuttle busses. The factory also provides daycare options for the workers’ children.


Pursuing responsible production, the factory in Chennai has used PET yarn for the past 15 years. Producing our Path Hammock, the factory uses GRS-certified PET yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Since the factory does not make the PET yarn themselves, the PET yarn is acquired through a two-step process. First, the factory source PET-fibres from one of India’s leading PET-fibre vendors. To achieve the correct colour for the Path Hammock, the supplier uses a specific Dope Dyed Yarn technique. This method is known to be more responsible than other dyeing methods. It consists of dye being added to the recycled plastic chips before they are processed into PET-fibres, lowering energy usage and water waste. Once the recycled plastic chips are dyed, they are processed into PET-fibres. Subsequently, the fibres are shipped to another supplier that spins the PET yarn.




Once the PET yarn arrives at the factory in Chennai, the yarn is twisted into ropes using a machine. During the twisting process, the ropes are woven onto pins necessary for the following weaving process. The robes are now handed over to one of the many skilled women at the factory and are ready to be loosely woven into a Path Hammock. The intricate weaving process takes approximately two days for one Path Hammock, and the factory currently produces 30-35 Path Hammocks a day.


Certificates: BSCI, Sedex, FSC, GOTS





Path Hammock


Lean back and enjoy the peace of the outdoors in our Path Hammock. Made entirely from recycled PET-yarn spun from post-consumer plastic, the hammock has been knotted by hand and is not only sustainable but especially durable for continual outdoor use. Two rows of fringing emphasise Path’s relaxed and carefree expression.


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