We use a wide variety of textiles for our blankets, cushion covers, bedding, towels, tea towels etc., including organic cotton, linen and wool. Below is an overview of how to care for different materials, but always be mindful to follow the care instructions of each individual product.

Cushion Covers and Other Small Items

For materials that are 100% cotton, 100% linen, recycled cotton, brown cotton, cotton/linen mix or cotton canvas, machine wash at 30°C on gentle wash with the zipper half-closed. Keep away from sharp objects. For Nettle and corduroy items, or those that are hand-woven or hand-tufted, dry clean only.



Towels and Bedding

The majority of our towels and bedding are made from GOTS certified, organic cotton.  Machine wash at 40°C on with the zipper half-closed. To ensure maximum absorbency in new towels, leave in cold water for 24 hours prior to first wash.

Kitchen Textiles

Many of our kitchen textiles, like tea towels, napkins, aprons and oven mitts are made from a mix of natural linen and cotton. Machine wash at 40°C. To ensure maximum absorbency and improve drying performance in new textiles, leave in cold water for 24 hours prior to first wash.

Knitted Wool

Machine wash at 30°C on gentle wool cycle program.

PET Yarn

Hand-woven PET yarn made from recycled post-consumer plastic. Can be machine washed at 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Cushion Filling

Machine wash at 30°C on gentle cycle. Dry afterwards in tumble dryer. Do not knock/hit the pillows, only shake.