Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift for the man who has everything can be tricky. So here's a gift guide for some great gifts to give your dad on Father's Day. We like to keep things balanced here at ferm LIVING. So if you celebrate Mother's Day, you should celebrate Father's Day too.

If you're looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, start by considering your dad. What does he like doing? Does he have specific interests? Has he been stressed lately? When it comes to finding a good Father's Day gift, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. As is often the case, the solution can be piece of good Danish design.

While your dad may think he already has everything he needs, our Father's Day gift guide is guaranteed to include something he’ll love anyway. We've put together a great list of suggestions for Father's Day gifts, guaranteed to please any dad.

Thanks for the coffee!

Not all dads are coffee drinkers. Perhaps yours is a tea drinker? Or likes a beer, or a glass of wine? Even dads have everyday rituals, whether that’s a delicious espresso in the morning or a cold beer with dinner. So we've added our beautiful hand-thrown stoneware Serena Cups to our guide. The perfect cup for your morning coffee. Or tea. Our Father's Day gift guide also includes the classic Ripple wine glasses and beautiful Cairn wine stoppers in FSC-certified ash wood.

For the true coffee enthusiast, our Sekki range comes with cups, jugs and drippers for the full pour-over coffee experience. If your dad loves being in the kitchen, a smart new kitchen tool is always a great Father's Day gift. ferm LIVING has a great range of designs that blend into a timeless kitchen with ease. How about the fabulous Chess chopping boards, a beautiful quartz pestle and mortar, or the simple but stylish aprons, tea towels and oven gloves?

The best way to treat your parents

There are many things to celebrate in life, and one of them is our parents. ferm LIVING wants to help you give your parents a real treat, so here’s our crop of gift ideas for Father’s Day. Alongside our specific guides, you can of course always find gift inspiration among our many new products and our bestsellers.

If your parents care about sustainability, get them a gift from ferm LIVING. Sustainability is key to us, as is reflected in the materials we use, our production and distribution. If you want to know more about our sustainable journey and values, and our approach to responsibility in our design and production, we have a whole page dedicated to just that.

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