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Our responsibility ambition is to work for a better tomorrow so you can feel good about your choices today. Working towards a better tomorrow, our 2030 commitments extend across all aspects of our business. From material choices and design processes to production methods, delivery logistics and shaping our organisational culture, our dedication to longevity of function and aesthetics guides our endeavours. On a daily basis, each department is actively engaged in initiatives, projects and actions aimed at advancing progress, accountability and integrity across all facets of our operations. As participants in the UN Global Compact, we report our progress on their platform annually. We advocate for better ways, fostering lasting relations based on mutual value creation, transparent communication and considerate behaviour. We believe in empowering everyone to explore opportunities for responsible business practices and better living. While we acknowledge that the ongoing journey will present challenges, we contribute to the sustainability dialogue, leverage insights for collective growth and progress towards a better tomorrow.

Responsibility Ambition 
We work for a better tomorrow, so you can feel good about your choices today


2030 Commitments

Looking to the actions, initiatives and values that shape our company, we have defined nine 2030 commitments under three pillars that encompass planet, society and community and which enable us to adopt a comprehensive approach to responsibility.

Our planet

- Create full transparency on all products
- Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible
- Work towards CO2-neutrality

Our Society

- Build value on all bottom lines: people, planet, profit & purpose
- Inspire customers to make responsible choices
- Give back to local communities in support of better homes

Our Community

- Maintain a strong culture with clear values
- Nurture long-lasting relations built on trust and respect
- Empower all of us to learn and grow together



Strategic Focus Areas

Our business operates within a framework that is organised around strategic focus areas and our brand purpose to inspire individuals to create personal and comfortable homes that balance the contrasts of life, helping to create a better tomorrow with responsibly made products. Each focus area encompasses various projects and initiatives outlined in our detailed action plan for 2024 and beyond. Aligned with our 2030 Commitments and evolving over time, these actions move us towards our goals.

Business in Balance

Striking an optimal balance between cultivating a thriving business and making a positive impact on the world has consistently held significant importance for ferm LIVING.

The responsible decisions we make may sometimes run counter to our economic considerations, yet we proceed with them, nonetheless. We wholeheartedly adopt responsible practices in all aspects of our operations, work­ing with integrity and shouldering the responsibility for our impact by broadening our focus to also encompass non-financial metrics. We are committed to measuring ourselves against these parameters, actively working towards a better tomorrow in both environmental and social realms.

Empowering Relations

We are a community of colleagues and partners deeply committed to our work. With gen­uine enthusiasm, helpfulness and respect, we celebrate our differences, uplift one another and cultivate an environment where each individual can shine. Our relationships with suppliers are built on a foundation of responsible practices to improve our joint efforts in sustainability. We prioritise mutual value creation, transparent communication and considerate behaviour to foster lasting relations. We empower individuals to learn and grow by exploring opportunities for responsible business and better living.

Responsible Living

Our ambition is to help individuals to establish a balance amidst life’s many contrasts, creating homes and spaces that reflect a responsible mindset through carefully considered products. To realise this, we are dedicated to embedding a mindset of responsibility and sustainability at the core of our business. We continually enhance our methodologies, from material selection and design processes to production methods and delivery logistics to make it easier for our customers to make responsible choices.

Inspiring Change

Prioritising sustainable and responsible actions in every facet of life is crucial for both human well-being and the health of our planet. Recognising that this is an ongoing journey with much progress yet to be made, we move closer to our goals each day in our shared pursuit of positive change. Our aim is to instil confidence in individuals as they make choices that contribute to a more sustainable way of living. Transparency about our own journey toward responsibility is key, serving as inspiration for others to join us in our quest for change.

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