Production - ferm LIVING

We work in close partnership with some of the most talented artisans and craftsmen in the industry. Upholstered and wooden furniture, wallpaper and many of our textiles are produced in Europe, including the Baltics, Italy, Poland and Sweden, while we collaborate with suppliers in India and China on the production of textiles, glassware, ceramics and lighting.

We are committed to sourcing and producing our products responsibly. To protect workers' rights and ensure safe and healthy working environments, all our key supplies are contracted among other things to obtain BSCI-certification and agree with our Code of Conduct.

Throughout our supply chain, we nurture long-lasting relationships based on mutual value-creation, respectful behaviour and transparent communication. We open up our world for everyone to be inspired and, by sharing supplier and production stories, we invite people behind the scenes and into the journey of our products.