Packaging - ferm LIVING

From gift boxes and protective material to hang-tags and bags – packaging is an area where we can make a big difference.

We want all of our gift boxes and hang tags to be made from FSC™-certified cardboard and paper, and printed with black soy-based ink. We are almost there and are working hard to reach 100%.

Our tote-bags are made from sustainably produced textile and in a design that inspires repeated use.

The majority of the protective material, used to shield our products during shipping, is made from natural-based materials such as cardboard, paper pulp and craft paper. For smaller items and textiles, we use recyclable plastic bags.

However, to ensure all our products arrive to their destination in good condition, some of our products are protected with Styroform during transport. In 2020 this applied to ca. 10% of our products; however, during 2021 we have managed to get it down to only 5%. We are pleased with our progress, and continue working closely with our manufacturers in the search for sustainable alternatives.