At ferm LIVING, it is our goal to continually inspire a personal expression in your home, in which you can relax and be yourself. That is why our selection of organic bedding features pillowcases and duvet covers that are sold separately. That way, the choice of style, sizes, and feeling is yours – not ours. We all sleep differently and have special needs and preferences. Therefore, ferm LIVING organic bedding comes in more sizes: Single duvet, extra length, and double duvet. The pillowcases are available in five different sizes to meet your needs. All of our bedding is made of gently produced, organic cotton, which is also GOTS certified.

Get a personal style with ferm LIVING bedding

With ferm LIVING bedding you can create a bedroom with an entirely personal expression. With a humble and modest aesthetic, you can make the style your own with linen in blue, grey, turquoise and white or rose with an understated pattern. You choose whether the pillowcase should match or be a different colour.

ferm LIVING’s bedding is designed for the entire family so that you all can sleep tight in beautiful colours and a high quality that takes care of you and the environment.

What does it mean that ferm LIVING bedding is GOTS certified?

At ferm LIVING, we always strive for the best: For the sake of the planet, ourselves and our children. We prioritise a gentle and considerate production of our high-quality design, and the GOTS certification is just one of the results thereof.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an internationally recognised stamp of ecology and social responsibility. You need to live up to quite a few criteria to earn the certification, and they are divided into categories for fibre standards, ecological, social, and technical, and human toxicity criteria. In short, the GOTS certification is your proof that our bedding is made of minimum 95 % organic fibres, that the bedding is produced in a socially responsible manner, that it is free of toxins, and that the production of the bedding shows as much consideration for the environment and the planet as possible.

Only the best is good enough for you and your family. That is why the ferm LIVING bedding is environmentally friendly, organic and socially responsible.

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