Our Production

Bianco Curia Marble

Where: Marche region, Italy
Employees: 13
Established in: 1969

The Bianco Curia marble used for our Mineral Tables collection comes from a quarry in Brescia, a city located in the Lombardy Region in Northern Italy. At the quarry, large slabs of marble weighing approximately 4,5 tons are cut out, examined, and quality checked before they are shipped to the factory.

At the family-owned factory, it is the father that chooses which marble slabs that are good enough for production. It is only slabs of Bianco Curia marble with a specific high quality that are selected for our Mineral Tables. The father has worked with marble for many years, and by knocking on the marble slabs, he is instantly able to hear whether the slab is of great quality or not.

Once selected, the large marble slabs are cut into smaller pieces by a specialised cutting machine. The machine has a large blade, which slowly cuts through the stone while the blade is kept cool by a constant stream of cold water. After being cut, the distinctive edges of the marble elements are chiselled by hand by one skilled artisan working at the factory. Finally, each piece of marble is carefully polished to make the surface as smooth as possible, and the marble is given its final finish before it is ready for assembly.













Serving both as table and decorative sculptures, our Mineral Tables make an impactful impression in your home. Made with Bianco Curia marble, they are real statement pieces, and with edges that are broken by hand with a chisel, each table is unique.