The Copenhagen City Guide

A guide to our favourite spots in our beloved hometown

The city of Copenhagen has served as the home and muse of ferm LIVING since its inception. With its captivating architecture and timeless design, there is no place more inspiring than this charming city. Exploring the cosy brick-laid streets, discovering ivy-covered cafes and stumbling upon hidden treasures throughout various neighbourhoods create the perfect day's adventure.

In this guide to our beloved hometown, we have compiled a list of our personal favourites, encompassing quintessential must-visit places. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, we hope this guide will inspire new adventures in this vibrant metropolis.

Confecture Copenhagen
Overgaden Oven Vandet 40A, 1415 København K

If you can walk by the Confecture chocolate shop in Christianshavn without being lured in - you are made of stronger stuff than we are! Handmade chocolate confectionaries adorn the walls of this sweet-smelling store and during the summer months, they offer an array of creamy ice cream flavours served in chocolate-dipped cones. For the classic Danish summer experience, add the sweet and fluffy topping ‘guf’ to your sweet treat and enjoy it by the picturesque canals. During the winter, warm your hands on a cup of decadent hot chocolate or a classic cream-filled ‘flødebolle’.

Assistens Cemetery
Kapelvej 2, 2200 København N

Located in the middle of the eclectic and lively neighbourhood of Nørrebro, the Assistens Cemetery is a green oasis of history and Danish culture. The resting home of several famous Danes such as Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen, the graveyard has been a popular picnic destination since the early 1800s. Modern Copenhagen locals carry on the tradition, enjoying the peace behind its signature yellow walls, taking walks or resting amongst the seasonal foliage and antique gravesites. Grab a to-go coffee and take a meander through the cemetery and see if you can find the gravestone of a beloved Danish singer, a genius physicist or even an elusive Time Traveller who died in 2064. 

Fælledvej 12, 2200 København

A culinary gem, Villette is a bright and sunny restaurant that offers seasonal dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy the casual atmosphere of their ivy-covered courtyard whilst feasting on colourful dishes and delicious cocktails. With a focus on Nordic flavours and innovative techniques, Villette offers a gastronomic journey in a casual and cosy setting. With their “No reservations” policy you can take a walk around the Nørrebro neighbourhood and drop in for lunch or dinner whenever it suits you. 

Copenhagen Contemporary
Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København

In the city’s new cultural district Refshaleøen, you can visit the international art centre Copenhagen Contemporary. The prominent museum is renowned for its dedication to contemporary art, and the expansive industrial space sets the scene for various installations, exhibitions and performances created by both Danish and international artists. With constantly changing exhibits with both well-established and upcoming artists, you can come face to face with thought-provoking pieces that engage the senses. The area itself offers a plethora of delicious food experiences and quaint settings, making for a wonderful day out. 

Lille Blå
Esplanaden 3, 1263 København

Known as one of the most colourful wine bars in the city, Lille Blå or ‘Little Blue’ was painted a deep Royal Blue colour in honour of the paint store that had previously occupied the space. Nestled between the beautiful buildings of Inner Copenhagen, the bar provides the perfect resting spot after a day of exploring. Lille Blå specialises in natural, organic and biodynamic wines, served by the glass or the bottle, alongside a small menu of curated snacks. Sit outside and enjoy the beautiful neighbourhood and a spot of people-watching or enjoy your wine inside the quintessential Scandinavian décor. 

Hart Bakery
Galionsvej 41, 1437 København

Hart Bakery is a Copenhagen household name, providing fresh pastries and bread that combine the classic joys of Danish baking and an innovative touch of fusion flavours. Created by Richard Hart, previously a chef at Noma, the bakery is known for pleasing even the pickiest pastry-loving Dane. With seating options on either side of the store, the bakery offers a range of delicious buns, bread and an array of pastries and cakes that are baked to perfection. Their melt-in-your-mouth cardamon croissant is a thing of dreams, and the flaky, buttery and perfectly seasoned sausage roll will have you craving Hart for months after. 

Grundtvig’s Church
På Bjerget 14B, 2400 København NV

In the middle of the Bispebjerg area, a towering structure looms over the surrounding landscape. A synthesis of Expressionism and Gothic Architecture, the Grundtvig church was built in 1927 and embodies both traditional and modern Danish design elements. The impressive façade is only outdone by its interior, which includes a kaleidoscope of stained glass as well as soaring arches. The always hushed ambience provides respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and invites you to enjoy a quiet moment or two to enjoy the impressive building. Just opposite, you’ll find the entrance to Bispebjerg Kirkegård. This is a beautiful and expansive cemetery that includes the Instagram-famous Cherry Tree Lane that explodes into a world of pink once a year. 

DØP Hotdog Stand
Købmagergade 52, 1150 København

As huge crowds meander around the walking street and head towards the Round Tower, you may be surprised that many of them are not heading towards the famous landmark. Parked right next to Copenhagen’s most iconic structure is one of the city’s best hot dog stands. With 100% organic ingredients, DØP offers hot dogs for everyone: meat eaters, vegetarians, gluten or lactose intolerants and vegans are all welcome to come by for a hand-held treat. Order a ‘Ristet Hot Dog’ to get the most popular combination of a sausage of your choice in a warm bun, covered in ketchup, whole-grain mustard, remoulade, pickles and a sprinkling of both raw and fried onions.  

Visit the ferm LIVING Boutique
Kuglegårdsvej 1, 5, 1434 København

Kuglegården 1-5 is a historic building nestled between picturesque canals, quirky houseboats, and the untamed Freetown of Christiania. The stately building dates back to 1770 and was originally used as an arsenal for the Danish military. In 2019, we began a complete and careful renovation of the 1900 square meters, resulting in a universe of all things ferm LIVING. On the ground floor, you will find our Boutique which has an authentic and informal atmosphere that is both intimate and inspiring. Here, you can shop the entire ferm LIVING collection as well as a curated selection of vintage pieces, plants, lifestyle products, coffee table books and other accessories for the home. Come by for a cup of coffee at the cosy FL Coffee Bar or book a time with one of our talented styling experts who can help you make your interior dreams come true.