Match your Bouquet to your Vase

Make the floral arrangement to match your vase

A beautiful bouquet of flowers deserves a beautiful vase to call home. We’ve teamed up with New York-based floral designer and founder of METAFLORA Marisa Competello, whose minimal, sculptural flower creations are the darling of Instagram, to help guide us in how to create a gorgeous flower arrangement to match your chosen vase.


Match your Bouquet to your Vase



“Texture and colour are always a starting point for me when choosing flowers.”
- Marisa Competello


We asked Marisa to create four floral arrangements for four different vases and asked her to share her best tips and tricks on how to make your ideal bouquet fit your chosen vase.




Muses – Ania Vase : Tall and Broad

This is a high vase with a broad rim that spans the diameter of the vase. With its roomy dimensions and timeless, contemporary expression, the Ania Muses Vase gives you the opportunity to create a full and distinct arrangement that is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Marisa on her arrangement:
“For this vase, I used French tulips in two different colours. They are so elegant and have a beautiful movement to them. I wanted the tulips to stand alone and embrace the negative space in between the individual stalks. I was also inspired by the colour and shape of the vase itself.”

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Water Swirl Vase - Round: Round & Petite

When a vase has a smaller opening, like this one, it gives your easier control of the shape and direction that your bouquet is going to take. The Water Swirl Vase has a light and effortless expression with the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy light filtering through the translucent glass.

Marisa on her arrangement:
“I opted for a mix of yellows in this brown vase – I really like this colour combination. I chose mimosa and oncidiums, which work as a soft juxtaposition to the blown glass. Texture and color are always a starting point for me when choosing flowers.”

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Verso Vase – Tall & Slender

A tall vase with a slim rim allows for a higher flower arrangement, while keeping your bouquet simple and airy gives them room to take up horizontal space as well. Recalling classic shapes from traditional pottery, the Verso Table Vase has an irregular, feminine form with a pair of distinct, artfully curved handles that add a modern twist to the otherwise timeless expression.

Marisa on her arrangement:
“I used dark purple calla lilies for this vase to try to achieve an almost monochromatic, modern look. Again, using their shape and movement to stand out. The vase and flowers complement one another.”

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Fountain Centrepiece – The Bowl

A bowl-shaped centrepiece is a great alternative to a traditional vase and lets you create an opulent, lush arrangement while working with width as much as height. The Fountain Centrepiece is a sculptural piece with a soft, pleated expression that will complement your chosen florals.

Marisa on her arrangement:
“I wanted to create more volume in this bowl using two different kinds of texture. The thistle and eucalyptus variety are both edgy and soft. I based my selections off volume and what I could build a shape with.”

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