Louisiana x ferm LIVING

A testament to modern art and design, we invite you to explore how the Louisiana x ferm LIVING collaboration came to life. 

Effortlessly Contemporary

Dedicated to modern art, Louisiana has since its opening in 1958 been Denmark’s most forward-thinking contemporary art museum, shaking up the status quo with original and provocative exhibitions, and the work of masters such as Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. 

With its somewhat hidden location in Copenhagen suburb of Humlebæk, it might come as a surprise that you often have to queue to get in. Lying peacefully on the outskirts of a forest and overlooking the Øresund Sound, this modern art museum is the epitome of beautiful nature and architectural brilliance, and many visitors to Copenhagen have Louisiana on their itinerary as a day trip.

Knud W. Jensen who was the founder of Louisiana, took over the property in 1955, where it only consisted of an old villa. Envisioning that the new museum would include the villa and a separate exhibition pavilion, he asked the two architects Jørgen Bo and Vilhelm Wohlert to take on the project. However, the two had a very clear ambition for the place - to link the architecture with the natural surroundings. Their ambition led to a unique piece of architecture that fits gracefully into the landscape and today, Louisiana is renowned for its understated elegance where the architecture facilitates being the perfect canvas for displaying remarkable artwork.



Comfortably Iconic

Entering the collaboration with Louisiana and ferm LIVING, it was key that the design would echo the understated elegance that is the very essence of the iconic modern art museum. A significant trademark for Louisiana is their use of tall, whitewashed walls, exposed structures, wooden ceilings and deep-red tiled floors. It was their significant play with these contrasts in colors and materials that inspired the characteristic Louisiana x ferm LIVING fabric. The result became an intriguing, woven fabric with bold black and sand stripes that will make a statement in any home.

The classic yet bold stripe of the Rico 2-seater and Lounge Chair mirrors the pervasive wooden slats and black window frames distinctive to Louisiana, as does the understated black and sand colorway, while the textured, linen-based fabric intrigues your sense of touch. The contrasts of the clean, classic lines together with the roundness of the Rico 2-seater and Lounge Chair makes a comfortably iconic design, which invites a moment of slowness and stillness into your home.