Behind the Liba Watering Can

Bringing New Purpose to Post-Consumer Plastic


Join us on the journey of turning recycled post-consumer plastic
into the sculptural and functional Liba Watering Can.






Function meets responsible design in our Liba Watering Can made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. With its organic, curved shape, we see it as an inviting design; one you can engage with, pick up and use every day to water your favourite plants. We celebrate the craftsmanship that goes into the making of our Liba Watering Can by taking you through the entire process – from recycled plastic granulate to final product.





Designed with sustainability in mind, both in terms of function and material, the Liba Watering Can is produced in Denmark using post-consumer plastic packaging waste. The specific granulate used for the Liba Watering Can is called HDPE, for High Density Poly Ethylene. As one of the most versatile types of plastic, HDPE is used for a wide variety of purposes, including most plastic bottles that are used for storing household liquids like soap, detergent and lotion. Harvested from post-consumer packaging waste, the plastic is sorted and cleaned before being broken down and reprocessed into the HDPE granulate that is used to make the Liba Watering Can.


Once the granulate arrives at our manufacturer in Denmark, a specific dye is added to give the Liba Watering Can its beautiful colours. Depending on the colour, 1-3% dye is added to the material to obtain the specific ferm LIVING nuances. Because the granulate is made from packaging waste, there will always be small, subtle colour and surface variations. We believe that this adds to the beauty of the design and story, since it means that no two Liba Watering Cans will ever be completely alike.




The granulate is heated up into a porous mass. This mass is then poured into a Liba Watering Can mould, where it is blown into shape using a process called blow moulding. The air acts to disperse the material evenly throughout the mould while creating the hollow space used to contain water.


From here, the Liba Watering Can is released from the mould. The blow moulding process always leaves a certain amount of excess material, which is carved free from the watering can by hand. One skilled craftsman has been assigned to this process alone. It takes precision and a steady hand to achieve the best result, since the entire carving process must be completed while the watering can is still warm. This is essential to the soft, organic expression of the design, since it allows for the craftsman to achieve as smooth a surface as possible.




Throughout the production of Liba, it was essential for us to minimize waste as much as possible, thereby ensuring a circular product. The beauty of the Liba Watering Can is that by adding all excess material from the carving process to the next batch of granulate, the by-product plastic is broken down and used to produce new watering cans. This means that nothing goes to waste and every piece of HDPE granulate is given a new purpose in the shape of a Liba Watering Can.


The final product is a modern take on a classic gardening utensil: lightweight with a streamlined, intriguing form that recalls classic clay water pitchers from the past, the Liba Watering Can is equally functional and decorative with a generous capacity of five litres, and fits as well on your balcony as it does in your living room. As it’s made from recycled materials as opposed to virgin plastic, there are small, subtle variations in the final material that make each watering can unique. As a final step, the Liba Watering Cans are completed with a hang tag made from FSC-certified paper made from reed and wood pulp that hangs from a recycled polyester string. The finalized Liba Watering Can is now ready to be shipped to our selected retailers worldwide.


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Sustainability and responsibility are becoming an increasingly bigger part of the ferm LIVING DNA. We believe that working proactively to continuously create new products using innovative and sustainable materials is pivotal. With each new collection and each new product, we continue to challenge ourselves to push the boundaries and add further sustainable design solutions to the ferm LIVING portfolio. We do it because we believe in it and feel it is part of our responsibility. We’re designing not only for today, but for the future, where sustainable action will become even more vital.

Our Liba Watering Can is made to last. Should you however - after years of good use - want to dispose of your Liba Watering Can, it can be responsibly recycled since it is made of 100% HDPE plastic.


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Thank you to Gravenhorst Plast A/S