Behind the Level Tables

From raw steel to distinct asymmetrical profiles.

Join us on our journey to Italy to explore how raw tubes and sheets of steel
are turned into our distinctive Level Tables.



Some design pieces are so honest in their structure and expression that the production process might be a given to most people. Nonetheless, it still takes skills and know-how to produce the characteristic asymmetrical Level Tables. The tables are made by a family-owned factory in Italy with 40 years of experience in manufacturing metal furniture.

The production process starts with long steel tubes and large steel sheets arriving at the Italian factory. The factory sources all its metal from Italian suppliers to ensure an agile production process and to minimise the environmental footprint of transportation. Once the raw materials arrive, the steel tubes are cut to the proper length for the frame of the Level Tables, and the steel sheets are cut into top and bottom shelves using a laser cutting machine. The table frame consists of two steel tubes, which have been bent: for the Level Coffee Table, the front pipe is given eight bends, whereas the rear pipe is given six bends. The bending process is managed by a specific team at the factory specialising in this particular craft. Once bent, the steel tubes are welded together by a trained professional to give the Level Tables their recognisable, geometric frame, which looks like one long, continual line.




The two shelves, which have been laser cut by a large machine, are then welded onto the steel tube frame before the entire structure is taken through a thorough brushing production step that is meant to eliminate marks of welding, make every surface smooth and give the Level Tables their high-quality look and feel.

Once the tables are smooth, they are shipped to an external supplier who handles the powder-coating process. This production step is the only one taking place outside of the factory. When returned, they undergo quality control, and the ferm LIVING logo is placed underneath the bottom shelf. Now, the product is finally ready to be carefully packed for shipment.

The result is a collection of functional yet aesthetic tables with iconic, asymmetrical profiles and a modern expression. The Level Tables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor living.