Lamps in authentic designs for every room in your home

Decorate your home with lamps in authentic designs that ensure good light distribution and match the atmosphere you want to create. At ferm LIVING you can find inspiration for classic, modern and sculptural lamps for every room in your home. Give your living room, kitchen or bedroom new life with lamps that combine functionality and atmosphere, and also underscore your personal interior design style.

Lighting and lamps in your home have a great deal of significance when it comes to the way you experience each room. Table, wall, ceiling and floor lamps provide you with lighting on all levels, and by decorating with modern, classic and sculptural lamps with an artistic touch, you can create a completely unique expression in your home. Explore our range of lamps on this page, where you will find something that will definitely make a big impression.

Find the right lighting for your décor

Good lighting is essential to creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home, and you can decorate with many more lamps than you might think. Use decorative and classic lamps in a perfect mix, where they each fit the space, décor or functions that you need them for.

Interior design with lighting can be something of an art because you need to strike the balance between your lamps providing sufficient illumination and creating the right mood in the room. So consider that it may be preferable to have many smaller lamps to illuminate different corners rather than one large lamp on the ceiling. Ceiling lighting works best when it is functional, such as in hallways or in bathrooms.

You often need bright lighting in your kitchen so that you can see what you are cooking. But above the dining table, it may make sense to hang a beautiful pendant lamp with a modern bulb that allows you to adjust the brightness so that the dining room becomes a cosy place to sit when you have guests for dinner or family get-togethers.

In your living room, there must be room for both cosy lighting and functional lighting. Here, you may need a reading lamp next to your armchair for when you want to read a good book, or more muted lighting by the sofa that lends a relaxed atmosphere to the room. Use the right lighting to get the most out of your light and your interior design.

Children’s lamps for a magical child’s room

Our children’s lamps allow you to create a cosy atmosphere in your child’s room, with lighting that works both for playing and reading bedtime stories. Choose from a range of magical motifs such as stars, clouds and hot air balloons. You will also find many cute animal motifs, cool cars and fun fruit motifs. Be inspired by our imaginative lamps that you can hang on either the wall or the ceiling.

Get inspiration to create your own personalised interior design at ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, you’ll find lots of inspiration for innovative and personal interior design that creates the perfect lighting. If you have questions about our range of wall lamps, pendant lamps or table lamps for the home, or if you need good advice on choosing your new lamps based on which room you should use them in, you can always get guidance from ferm LIVING. Contact us on tel. +45 7022 7523 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

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