Christmas Collection 2022

Seasonal Poetry Like poetry

Christmas is defined by the underlying meanings and traditions that are personal to the beholder. As the nights become frosty and the days grow shorter, we are drawn to our homes, where lighted candles and comforting Christmas rituals performed in the company of loved ones can keep us warm.

Whether sitting down with the smallest members of the household to carefully cut, glue and fold unique decorations for the Christmas tree, driving through the snow to share a cup of mulled wine with our grandparents or spending hours foraging the forest floor with friends for decorative elements for a festive table setting, Christmas represents a sacred, cherished time of year where we take time to nurture the unique bonds that we have formed with our closest tribe.

This is why Christmas is more than just a season – the treasured rituals that so often have been established over generations enact a distinct feeling of togetherness, bringing us closer to the people we love. Each morning, the patter of little feet eagerly making their way to the Christmas Calendar filters through the home, full of gleeful anticipation for unwrapping that day’s little gift. As we set the Christmas table with a delightful mix of inherited silverware and contemporary decorations, old traditions are upheld while new rituals are formed for future generations to come. These are the small pieces of poetic magic that evoke the spirit of Christmas in all of us.

Wishing you the merriest Christmas, ferm LIVING

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