The Art of Creating a Home

In conversation with our Founder and Creative Director, Trine Andersen, we present our SS22 collection.


What makes a good home? This is a question we ask ourselves daily in our work with design – and one we continuously seek to answer.

Simply buying objects does not make a house a home. Similarly, stepping into a place where everything is perfect – the ‘right’ furniture in the ‘right’ colours and the ‘right’ combinations – can be inspiring, but often does not feel like home. ferm LIVING has always been driven by the feeling of a home rather than simply the objects that fill it.

Home is much more than a physical place filled with physical objects. It is an emotional anchor in a world of contrasts. A place where life is lived – good and bad. Like a work of art, home is always in motion; a personal canvas that evolves over time. The organic process a home undergoes reflects our human journey through life. Where old meets new, where sorrow meets joy, where calm meets chaos. Some days you feel like closing the curtains and shutting the world out. On others you cast them wide open and invite the world – and the people you love – inside. A home should embrace all facets of life.

Our purpose with every collection is to bring to life interior objects and furniture that inspire you to create a home where life can be lived. While function and aesthetics are undeniably important to us, we work seriously and responsibly with design and are dedicated to creating not only beautiful objects for the home, but also an emotional connection to the spaces we live in.


Trine Andersen

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Wooden cupboard and couch in corner
Coffee table and lounge chair on rug


Blue chair with brown wooden table


Wooden cupboard behind couch with cushions
Wooden dining table with various tableware under a chandelier


cork pinboard with notes and wooden chair


Round kids sun rug
Kids room with a kids bed below a pear-shaped mirror and beside a apple-shaped braided basket



Spring Summer 2022 Catalogue