Spruce up Your Green Space

Embrace the newly arrived spring season by invigorating the plants and greenery in your home.

Spring is finally here, and as we embark on the journey towards lighter and brighter times, it’s the ideal time to show your plants some extra love and create an inviting Green Space in your home. With every seed you plant, nurture and watch grow, your Green Space takes on that special feeling of optimism and new beginnings; a haven that you can enjoy both in solitude and in the company of those you hold most dear.



Adorning your space with green plants and colourful flowers not only looks lovely, but has also been proven to have numerous benefits for both the body and the mind. After a long, cold and dark winter, taking the time to treat yourself and your space with greenery is especially rewarding.

Are you lucky enough to have a balcony or outdoor space? Allow this area to function as an extension of your home in the warmer months, and create your own personal sanctuary by infusing the space with plants and greenery that will enhance the outdoor experience. With the Desert Lounge Chair and Desert Cushion, you can create a relaxing seating arrangement that you can retreat to when you crave a moment of solitude in a relaxing, tranquil space, or invite a loved one to spend a sunny afternoon in the company of iced coffee. Create memories on warm, bright summer nights with lit lanterns and long conversations, or catch those first warming rays of sun that spring has to offer; all surrounded by the greenery that you have lovingly reared.





Few things are as gratifying as putting your heart and soul into a project and watching it flourish over time. Creating a Green Space in your home will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative hobby: a reason for taking a break from technology and encouraging that unique, serene feeling that goes along with spending time in nature.

Start out by gathering the essentials for planting and nurturing your Green Space. Start with the basics: you’ll need to water and feed your green friends. The Liba Watering Can is a redesigned, modern take on a classic gardening utensil made entirely from recycled plastic. It has a beautiful design that recalls classic clay water pitchers from the past and can just as easily be used indoors as it can in a garden or balcony. Use the Bau series of Pots and Balcony Boxes to create engaging levels and dimensions, giving your Green Space a vibrant and classic look.

If you are new to taking care of greenery, it is ideal to start out with plants that are less advanced. Cacti and succulents are nearly impossible to kill and easy to love and are therefore ideal for green beginners. Place them in a sunny spot and make sure not to over-water them – this will surely make them thrive in your Green Space.

Perhaps you already have a green thumb? The beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig could be the perfect match for your Green Space. Fiddle Leaf Figs love both direct and indirect sunlight, and can, in time and with the right conditions, grow into large trees, giving your Green Space a lavish, jungle-like vibe.

For cooking enthusiasts, your Green Space can provide you with more than just a beautiful, serene setting. Consider growing delicious edible treats that will enrich your culinary endeavours, such as fresh herbs, vegetables or berries that can go straight onto the dinner plate. With the Plant Box, you have a larger surface area in which to plant your edible garden.

Developing a Green Space in the spring months will surely have you nipping, trimming, nurturing and harvesting all spring and summer, and, as your plants reward you with beautiful scents, colours or even edible treats, you will be rewarded with that lovely, undeniable sense of accomplishment.






Developing a Green Space during spring also provides the perfect opportunity for spending quality time with the youngest members of the family.

Share with them the journey of planting and nurturing new seeds. Give them a sense of responsibility by providing them with their own pots and miniature utensils, and watch as their little eyes light up with enthusiasm as the first buds sprout from the earth and as fresh leaves appear as a result of your joint efforts. As the plants grow taller and stronger during the summer, the sense of having a common project will surely make them feel proud and special. You can place the Desert Lounge Chair Kids in your shared green oasis, and give your little ones a place to rest, play and enjoy the serene and tranquil feeling that spending time in the Green Space provides.