Personal Christmas Decorations

Let your personality show in your Christmas decor. We decorated the Deco Frames in different styles to give you inspiration for how to use them.

Getting together to make your own Christmas decorations is a cherished tradition in Denmark. On Christmas Eve, you will find the tree decorated with old Christmas balls past on through generations and new and updated ornaments hanging next to homemade decorations made by the entire family – young and old. This season, our Deco Frames form a modern foundation to carry on the tradition, as the set of three brass rings is intended to be adorned with whatever you like; be that foliage from a forest walk or your oldest Christmas bauble.

We got together at the Copenhagen office to decorate a set of Deco Frames, and we’ve gathered the results of a lovely evening to give you inspiration for your Christmas decorations.

If you got yourself a set of Deco Frames, we would love to see how you use it. Share it with us by tagging @fermliving on Instagram or Facebook so we can find you.





“Decorate each of the three frames with your foliage, dried flowers, or your favourite winter decorations.”