Introducing our SS21 Pre-Collection

Our new designs celebrate the magic of an outdoor space and the unique,
serene feeling of spending time in nature
– we call it outdoor poetry.

Your home is not just a collection of rooms – it’s the space where you can be the most authentic version of yourself; a nest where you can feel comfortably you during every season of the year, throughout all the seasons of your life.

After a long, cold and dark winter, we embark on the journey towards lighter and brighter times. As the scents and sounds of changing seasons begin to fill the air, fresh leaves appear on branches and the first buds sprout from the earth. Suddenly, the long winter silence is broken as the sound of a single bird chirping hits your ear. Spring is coming. An undeniable feeling of optimism rushes through you, as you are reminded just how beautiful change can be.




In our new SS21 pre-collection, we wanted to capture that specific moment. With warm, earthy tones and natural, sustainable materials, our new designs are all about celebrating the magic of an outdoor space, and that unique, serene feeling that goes along with spending time in nature – we call it outdoor poetry. Our pieces will help you to create a tranquil space for quiet moments of reflection and set the scene for long, engaging conversations. With every seed that you plant, nurture and watch grow, the outdoor space takes on that special spring feeling of optimism and new beginnings; a haven that you can enjoy both in solitude, and in the company of those you hold most dear.





The Liba Watering Can is redesigned, modern take on a classic gardening utensil – the plastic watering can – but with some essential differences: this one is made entirely from recycled plastic with an aesthetic point-of-view. Lightweight with a streamlined, intriguing form that recalls classic clay water pitchers from the past, the Liba Watering Can is equally functional and decorative with a generous capacity of up to five litres, and fits as well on your balcony as it does in your living room.

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Lean back and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors in our Path Hammock. Made entirely from recycled PET-yarn spun from post-consumer plastic bottles, the hammock is not only sustainable, but especially durable for continual outdoor use. Two rows of fringing in a contrasting colour emphasise Path’s relaxed and carefree expression.

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Enjoy a moment of stillness with the Peka Bench. Made from sustainable, FSC-certified Accoya-treated pine wood, the Peka Bench is ideal for outdoor use, as the 100% non-toxic treatment makes it especially resistant to external factors without the need for additional treatment, maintaining the beautiful, raw appearance of the wood over time. Behind the backrest you’ll find a narrow shelf, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea or cold lemonade in great company.

Due to the nature of the wood and the Accoya treatment, a grey look may occur. This can increase over time due to wind and weather.

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A Modernist chair with a graceful profile, Desert Chair and Desert Stool are crafted from a tubular Powder coated steel frame in Olive, holding an interchangeable woven textile seat made from recycled plastic bottles. Suitable for use both indoors and out, the lounge design invites relaxation.

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