Decorate for Advent

The Christmas season is filled with nostalgic, comforting traditions – special customs that are reserved for this particular time of year. As winter reigns outside, we head inside to our sanctuary, to observe our own carefully practiced rituals that never grow old, no matter how many times we perform them.


A cherished Danish Christmas tradition is to celebrate each of the Advent Sundays – the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve. Danes celebrate each Advent by lighting one of four candles, so that on the last Sunday, all four candles are burning bright. As with all Christmas traditions, there are innumerable ways to make it your own. This year, we invited four creative Danish profiles to show us how they adorn their Advent decorations.





Thilde is the founder and creative mind behind Poppykalas, a Floral Design Studio based in Copenhagen. Her distinctive, pastel-hued creations often take untamed and unexpected forms, at once both delicate and extravagant.

For Christmas, Thilde’s otherwise colourful arrangements find a more muted, monochromatic expression. In her Advent Decoration, the Poppykalas Christmas Wonderland Wreath, Thilde uses the ceramic Bowl Candle Holder from ferm LIVING. Springing up from the centre of the bowl is a selection of dried flora – most of which have been picked in Thilde’s own flower field on the island of Møn – in shades of white and ivory: hydrangeas, bougainvillea, linum, xeranthemuman and paper daisies that bring out the raw, pebbled texture of the Bowl Candle Holder. A signature pop of poppykalas-colour contrasts the all-white arrangement with the addition of a handful of feathery stypha and the ferm LIVING Uno Candles in salmon pink. The different levels and contrasts in texture and form have been inspired by underwater coral, which is also reflected in the lively pattern of the Uno Candles.



Create your own Advent decoration in true Poppykalas style







Inger’s distinctive artistic universe is comprised of organic, cell-like sculptures that challenge the boundaries of their own construction. Also known as Knit Art, Inger’s pieces begin as woven textiles, which are then treated with primers and pigments to form a hard, shell-like casing.

Inger’s Advent decoration is comprised of a tall sculpture, entitled ‘New Beginnings’, paired together with a ceramic Bowl Candle Holder from ferm LIVING. In the centre of the bowl are a collection of her palm-sized densifications, or bubbles. Inger started by knitting these small forms, and thereafter added layers of primer to encapsulate the delicate bubbles like a skin, almost like a fossil. These white and pink forms remind Inger of snowballs and flower buds respectively, and their corresponding colours reflect the winter season and the frailty of new beginnings.



Create your own Advent decoration like Inger Odgaard






Yvonne Koné is an accessories designer whose simple, timeless designs work to blend Danish minimalism with the colourful sensibility of her Ivory Coast heritage. Her pared back, architectural approach to fashion results in wardrobe classics that last season after season.

To create her Advent decoration, Yvonne adorned several Bowl Candle Holders from ferm LIVING with a monochrome combination of branches, pinecones and traditional Christmas ornaments. Each individual piece has been painted by hand in a classic chocolate-brown hue, reflecting the simple and timeless aesthetic recognizable from her work as a designer, as well as the darkness of the Nordic winter season and cosy atmosphere associated with Christmas.



Create your own Advent decoration inspired by Yvonne Koné






From her studio in Copenhagen, Paper Artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen constructs large-scale art installations out of hand-cut tissue paper that take the form of beautifully intricate and remarkably realistic floral arrangements.

Drawing on the origins of Christmas as well as her own countryside upbringing, Marianne’s Advent decoration depicts a straw-covered barn setting. A gigantic bouquet of Marianne’s hand-cut paper flowers are arranged in a ferm LIVING Tuck Vase and surrounded by four Hoy Casted Candle Holders. The centrepiece of the scene is a giant blood-red rose rising up amongst thistles and weeds, which is symbolic of the Christmas miracle which took place in Bethlehem all those many years ago.