Day of Love

Small gestures for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.



Love Letters

One of the most precious gifts is to receive a personal, hand-written card from a person you love. On this Valentine’s Day, make time for pouring your heart out in a beautiful card that a special person can keep and cherish for years to come.

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Share Food

Start the day by warming the heart and soul of your loved one. Take the time to make a breakfast tray that you both can share in bed - providing a gift of slowly waking up to a great day ahead.

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Taking the Time

If you know your partner appreciates spending quality time with you, a lovely way of showing that you care is to go for a sunny walk and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company.

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Show It

Bring a smile to someone you hold dear by showering them with sweet compliments throughout the day. This simple yet sweet gesture will surely remind them how much you cherish and adore them.

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Play a Tune

For many, music presents the ideal way of conveying strong emotions. Show someone how much you care for and adore them by creating a personalised playlist to their liking that they can enjoy over a glass of wine.

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Let this day be dedicated to self-care and have a relaxing spa day at home. Light your favourite candles, lay out a fluffy robe, draw a warm bath and dive into a well-deserved moment of pure bliss.

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